Wd live hub

I splashed out about a year ago on a wd live hub from western digital. Its absolutely brilliant. I haven’t used apple tv or popcorn or anything like that and we don’t have a smart tv as they were just starting to be made when we bought our main tv and were v expensive.
The live hub holds 1 tb of data, and you can arranges your files according to type, so no matter how messy your file system is, you can easily find your content. You can access you tube and lots of others omit, only downside is that you can’t get Netflix, even though the original spec said you could. They added slingbox this week, so that’s good news for some.
The big thing that I really like about the hub is the remote. It’s very intuitive. You could have the best gadget plugged into your tv, with a fabulous looking interface, and it could have a terrible remote.its the right weight and size, and I like the buttons etc. I can easily use it in the dark, because I am used to it. I have all my music on it, and have connected the tv to an old Sony stereo system so I can get good quality sound, but what’s really crappy is that there are so many duplicate files in my iTunes folders that it’s a pain in the bum to navigate and listen. I would need to spend 3 hours straight deleting duplicates. I know there’s some freeware prob that would do it, but I’ve lost files that way before, so I will do it manually.
Going to read now on my Samsung. I use a great app called aldiko. I like the kobo app but it was buggy, but they updated it so I must try it again, I like the interface on it.
I’m reading “the Magus” by John Fowles, and “shadow of night” by Deborah Harkness. Also “fifty shades of grey” to see what all the fuss is about, but the writing is poor. I haven’t got to any rude parts yet. It reminds me of the twilight books, good story poorly written. It’s like reading something written by a teenager.the Deborah Harkness books are also about vampires N witches and such like, but they are intelligent, full of history and very well written. The Magus is interesting, the only problem is that I dislike the main character intensely. I don’t know anything about the book, and I want to be surprised. I will read about it after.i was supposed to read the French lieutenants woman in college, and never bothered, so I must finish the magus.
I’m the same with movies, I hate hearing hype about a movie before I watch it. It’s lovely getting surprised. Like the time I went to see the usual suspects, and after half an hour was going to leave but stuck it out. My god, that was a great movie. Keyser Söze is the best pretend vilian ever. Gosh do I ramble, it’s no wonder I read three or four books at once! Nite nite

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