eBook reader

Ok, I have read all the reviews etc. my onyx boox is dying and is very bulky, so I’m going to splash out and get a new ebook reader. I use the kobo and the kindle apps on my android samsung galaxy phone, and I use the kindle app. I buy books from amazon and it’s fantastic the way they synch and download etc. however, i don’t wish to be tied to a proprietary format. I have a lot of ebooks, and I don’t want the hassle of converting them.  Anyway, there is a hack to convert kindles books to epubs.

So I checked out Engadget’s review of the sony wifi, and I’m in love!!! the main selling point is:”built-in access to public library and Google Books content”  I wanna be able to download free ebooks from the internet. I hate the current sony reader software, but calibre works with it, and is brilliant software. everyone who uses it should donate a buck or two. I’m going into town now in 5 minutes in the rain to see if the local sony store has one for sale.


  1. RandomizeME

    Enjoy your Sony! I stuck with Kindle since I was (as you wrote) already ‘tied’ to Amazon, but I’m happy with it. Tons of freebies daily at any rate, more than the other bookstores combined. 🙂

    1. zoonabe

      Thanks. I think I liked the fact that I could just go online and download free books without hassle. Being able to go into project Gutenberg and download was v cool.

    2. zoonabe

      got my mother a kindle since, and my mother got my Dad one, and I must say it’s so easy to use, the design of it is great, and they love them. being in their middle 70’s they didnt want to learn how to use anything fussy. I have myself set up as an approved emailer, so now I can order books for them or e-mail them books.

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