Knitting and Postnatal depression :)

After having my second little girl last year I developed postnatal depression. Not to worry, I had  it with my first, didn’t know what it was first time around so it hit me like a ton of bricks, this time around I was prepared, and on visiting my doctor was prescribed a little white tablet for a few months that sorted everything out for me, and yes it really was that simple. That little white tablet sorted everything out for me, and like Alice down the rabbit hole I was transformed into a nice calm happy “normal ” me.. well almost. In my view post natal depression is not a big deal when it’s managed. Unfortunately sometimes women do not realize what it is and how to get help. I know that with my first baby, she was 6 months old before I got help. I always thought depression was felling sad, but I was happy. I was also overwhelmed, anxious, felling guilty about stupid things and paranoid, but I thought that as long as I was more or less happy I was ok.

The second time around I was much better. I decided that I would take up knitting. Then came the obsession. I just had to buy the pink, yellow red or blue balls of wool. I loved the feel of them, the colours and the textures. I became a wool gatherer, even before I had anything knitted. I would surf through ravelry, and patternfish, buying patterns that were far too difficult for me to knit. (I didn’t even know how to cast on)

but know several months later and after looking at quite a lot of youtube videos on knitting, I have finally succeeded in making a few cardigans for my two cutie mc tooties that would not embarrass them in public.

I currently have two favorite patterns

I’m currently finishing off a cardie for my 3 year old and also doing a scarf for my mum with crochet broomstick lace.(it was supposed to be for Christmas but I find it fiddly and boring to make)

I guess I knit like I read, I could be reading 4 books at a time or knitting three items. I guess I get bored easily.

Anyway, next thing I want to learn is how to make socks. I also want to make a little amigurumi for my niece and nephew. I also bought a sewing machine, but I haven’t had time (not brave enough) to try it out yet.

More on this topic later…

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