Google Goggles app for Android and Turtle Island


GoogleImage Goggles app (get it here for Android) is just brilliant. I use it to scan the barcodes on clothes when I’m shopping so that I can remember the item, and compare prices etc. I also use it in doctors surgeries and in any waiting room I happen to be in to take photos of articles or images and look them up later. Just 5 mins ago I took a photo of my work desktop to share the fact that my desktop wallpaper is a clear iridescent blue sea, with choppy little waves, and a huge mysterious beautiful island jutting out in the distance. The point of this was to show my fan, my boxes of A4 paper propping up my monitor, my HB pencil, in fact all the banal items on a workstation, and to show that yet I work in front of a computer all day, I have dreams of escape.  Anyway, 2 secs later my phone buzzes and Google Goggles tell me that the photo is in fact of a real place (I thought it was photoshopped), in Taiwan. It in fact is Turtle Island, which is the only active volcano in Taiwan. So now I know that I have been looking at a volcano all this time. Oh the joys of the internet. Anyway, back to work for me, oh and if you want the desktop wallpaper it’s here

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