annotating pdf docs and synching

I’m using Google play books a lot recently. I have bought some books from them, but to be honest I’m mainly using it to sideload a few books I need to work on. I have one book in epub format, and I can highlight and add notes, and it syncs my changes to my pc browser, ipad or android phone, wherever I am reading the book.

However, I have one large pdf and I want to do the same with it. I have tried converting the pdf to epub using Calibre, and it looks crappy enough and the TOC didn’t translate  very well, but I would rather be able to annotate the pdf.

I just realized that the pdf in Google books needs to be in “flowing text mode” in order for me to annotate.  See Google’s Help on this here:

I think I will try using Google play books for this. I like the simplicity of it all. Does anyone have any alternatives free or paid, this is my wishlist:

that will allow me annotate scanned or bought pdfs

will allow me load epub, pdf,mobi etc

will have apps for android phone and ipad and will allow me read and annotate in a browser too.


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