Why the Kindle is the best buy ever

As a librarian, I love books. The more books the better. I jump from one book to another and usually read a book a week,or a fortnight sometimes skipping between two or three. I’m the only one in my family who reads this much, my husband started reading last summer on our old ebook reader (ashamed to say we have three in the house- that were purchased pre recession!!) and he really enjoyed it. He read The great gatsby, the magus and a few others by Fitzgerald. He was going through the New York Times 100 best books list

I’m afraid I’m not so highbrow, I like more contemporary fiction. I did try to read the Bell Jar though, but found the main character very whiny and annoying (I know I’m not supposed to say that) so I gave up on it, even though I very much liked the style of writing (Catcher in the Rye anyone?) I like fun books, I don’t like anything too sad, and the Bell Jar depressed me beyond belief. Someday when I’m in particularly good form, I will attempt it again. That being said, I do like a good horror or murder mystery, because they make my life seem lovely and normal and safe.

Anyway, I am rambling as usual. My Mum who is 76 ish is the second biggest reader in our family, and she’s got a Kindle (which I got her). It had no touch control as the touch control proved problematic for Dad when he borrowed my Sony reader in the past, and several older people who were on the last cruise with Mum and Dad kept on knocking out the pages by mistake by touching the screen- apparently Mum had to show them how to use their readers!! The best part EVER is that I can purchase their books and email the books to their kindles, and once they turn them on at home using the wifi, hey presto the books are on the device. Mum and Dad never have to go near amazon or anything.

It’s not that they wouldn’t be able to do it all or anything, its just..well, Mum rings be up every now and again if a shortcut on her desktops laptop has moved, so you get the picture? They book their own flights etc though. (but it stresses them out)

It’s more that they are not a credit card generation. Plus, I like being able to do it for them.

So this morning when we were dropping the kids off at Mum and Dad’s (they mind them one day a week-brilliant) Mum gave me a list of books she wants. She is going in for a knee operation in March and she wants reading material. By tomorrow I will have them all on her Kindle and all she has to do is turn it on.

I have to say though, her choices are … interesting… bit dark, but I might even read some of them myself 🙂


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