a few of my favorite things

  • my family-especially my 2 little girls
  • my odd pink hat with the built in earphones that my niece and nephew bought me for Christmas
  • my niece and nephew (in the family category already-but they deserve another mention because of the hat)
  • my discovery of the hunger games trilogy (very well written) after my huge disappointment on trying to read the twilight and 40 shades of gray books and discovering how bad the writing was .
  • my realisation that I am actually quite good at knitting
  • the time my then 3 year old asked me if she had a brain
  • the time my then 3 year old (she’s now 4)asked me how she got into her body, and I told her God put her there
  • the birth of my birth sisters lovely baby- and the fact that he eats spinach like popeye
  • my google nexus tablet (love it love it)
  • evernote
  • google play books
  • dropbox
  • Google Scholar
  • my new boots
  • how WILD my 2 year old is.
  • Sharpie pens (just discovered on this side of the pond)
  • Starbucks coffee (again still a relatively new piece of Americana )
  • when they put my name on my coffee and spell it completely arseways
  • seeing netflix had “the bridge”
  • Discovering a rapper called “Sage Francis” on spotify- Sage Francis – Sea Lion

Oh my…. Several years later (only 3) and this post seems so 1999!

My 2017 favs

  • Still knitting
  • Stardew valley on ps4 or pc
  • Pixelated games
  • Tiny tower game for android
  • My sketchers go walk 4s
  • The fact that my kids are obsessed with Minecraft.( I think that’s really cool)
  • The fact that my kids are not bothered by the gay straight transgender thing. They think it’s normal and cool people are made differently.( Long may it last)
  • Fat Barbie. It’s so cool they made a fat Barbie. ( I can say that cause I’m fat too)
  • Birkenstocks
  • Benefit beauty products.
  • Still my kindle, bit more the app on my phone now.
  • New ghost in the shell movie. Loved it.
  • I love people who are not very pc but not mean about people’s differences. Do you know what I mean? Hard to explain. People who put their foot in it.
  • Rivers of London book series.
  • Paul Cornell Books
  • The expanse series and the 6 books. Amazing reads. So well written.
  • handmaidens tale TV series. Creepy sad good
  • Game of Thrones. Enuff said

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