Favorite new apps or websites

It seems that I ave found a few cool tools and fun apps this week. The first of these is IFFT

This is a cool website/app that allows you browse or create recipes for your devices making your phone do something if…. so it uses a simple if then statement like a simplified logic statement.

Sounds nerdy- but it’s so cool. My husband and parents are always giving out to me for never answering my mobile phone, but the fact is that I work in a library and have it on silent sometimes, or for meetings etc., but IFFT recognises my home location and makes my phone go noisy when I get home.

My Recipes - IFTTT

These are my recipes:

  • Add feedly subscriptions to google drive spreadsheet
  • Organize & Save your Linkedin connections to a spreadsheet in Google Drive
  • If new Must Read added to your shared list, then save later for pocket
  • If every day at 08:00 AM, then set ringtone volume to 100%
  • Allergy Alert
  • Send me an Android push notification when the Giveaway of the Day is announced.
  • Turn volume up by text (when phone lost in cushions)
  • Mute my ringer at bedtime
  • Unmute my phone when I get home

The other cool app I found was Vine, it lets you create a sort of stop motion looping video. It could be very useful for work. I read about it on some library blog where they have used it to showcase new books. (we have just had a shipment at work, so I will have a fun day tomorrow trying it out and posting it on facebook. my two girls enjoyed making a boat animation, and my two year old contributed to the sea. https://vine.co/v/MwnAD2FwPgE

Chrome Remote Desktop

I also found chrome remote desktop. I thought it would work well so me, because I edit a website at work, and if I see a mistake when I get home sometimes I would like to be able to fix it from home, but the security policy at work does not allow me do it. (long story) so I left my hard drive on all weekend, foolishly thinking I could test it, but to no avail, the pc must have gone into standby or something.

Duckie Deck


This is a free chrome app, with lots of little mini games, once you figure out to open the pagecurl on the page, it is really a great app for kids, with the usual fun stuff they like, I swear if my 4 year old asks me to download another monster makeover or ear cleaner app I might puke, they are gross, but she will sit there for ages waxing the beard off the yucky lady, popping virtual zits or drilling teeth. Duckie Duck is cuter, and more of a normal game experience for that age. the games are short ad quick, and my 4 year old loves it. Image


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