Cloud Readers

I love the fact that my kindle syncs the page I am reading from my pc’s kindle cloud reader, to my paperwhite,to my phone, however if I want to read an online article and sideload it, I need to have my paperwhite with me, because I prefer to read an article on a bigger screen. Kindle cloud reader will not let you sideload articles or books, but Google Play Books will.  Also, I like the ideas of annotating an article because, sometimes they are harder to read, and I have always for some childish reason found that scribbling , underlining and highlighting helps me comprehend difficult test, and also prevents me from tuning out and reading the same paragraph over and over.

I had been using Google Play books for sideloaded articles, and realise now, that I might have to come up with an alternative. I would just like the one place for them, instead of using Google and Amazon. There are epub readers in google addons- redium and magic scroll, but both formats are for epub, which is ok I guess. The particular database  I want to download from converts articles into epub or mobi for me.

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