Font Awesome 5 Pro

I love font awesome. I love the way it uniforms things, and has nice easy to use icons that can be used in many different web projects. So I signed up for font awesome 5 pro, and paid the $20 as an early backer. So now I have access to it. However I have no clue how to add it to my site. I do not have ftp access to my site and don’t even ask!! I found this post from sitepoint and so I’m going to try it out. I do fortunately have access to a staging  wordpress site, but again with no ftp access. I read somewhere that there is a plugin called file manager that might let me use wordpress as if I have full access, so I am going to try it out. I will probably crash something at some point along the way. This post explains how to add font awesome using the CDN. (i think this is the easiest way for me, but the CDN for font awesome pro hasn’t been released yet, so I think I have to add the js to my wordpress site and then do something in the functions.php file… oh what fun. )


I have file manager installed, which was really easy. I just searched for it in the plugins directory. There was another file manager that was more popular so that has me nervous, but i’m going to stick with it anyway. I’m going to enqueue font awesome, and I think it’s easier to use the CDN for now. 5 minutes later….

omg i think this worked. I realise this is probably not the ideal way to do anything in wordpress.. but needs must. my icons are all over the place. must fix them now. also, file manager is not working now, I wonder did I update wordpress and maybe it dosent work with the latest version. I will fill you in when I get more time with this

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