Image of PS Vita

I bought a PS Vita … and I love it!!

Hum title to the tune of Katy Perry’s “I kissed a girl”

Ok… full disclosure… I like gadgets but my budget does not always stretch to them. We have a Nintendo 3DS a PS4, an old ipad, re-purposed phones etc for what-sapping  for the kids, etc. I like playing cutie games. I get very stressed playing violent games, and ended up shouting at the TV when the kids and I tried Fortnite. So… Dragonquest Builders, and especially Stardew valley are my current favorites. My 6 year old loves dragon-quest on the PS4, and I am totally addicted to Stardew which is a lovely pixel based farming and mining game along the lines of harvest moon. [But IMHO 1000 times better ]Anyway, I was broke, and somehow came across a youtube video about the ps vita, how to buy it second hand and get the better OLED screen that was on the original ones. (thanks for that advice btw) so off I went with the kids into CEX with some old games, and old phone, some blu rays, games and an old wii. Half an hour later, after coffee and oreo and brunch icy things in insomnia (and my last few squid gone) I was the excited owner of a psvita and 1 lego game. (the Hobbit)
Yes, I still get very excited by new gadgets, and love spending ages setting them up. Last week I was on leave and spent 2 full days fixing and upgrading an old Studio XPS and it was blissful. I know I’m a bit ranty, I digress a lot. It’s annoying I  know.

Anyway, set it up, the screen is all scratched but it doesn’t matter, the OLED screen is fab. I didn’t know anything about the vita before so…

Things I was surprised about

  • lovely screen
  • touch screen
  • bluetooth- yeah- I can connect my Manhattan wireless earphones
  • I can hear people speaking on party mode ( a bit creepy, and they can hear me too!!!)
  • the online store is great- I bought some games on it
  • sound quality is great
  • the games- I found a thread on reddit, and took some suggestions
  • Remote Play- yeah, so you can kinds “cast” for ps4 on to the vita and play. I haven’t tried it much yet.

The best thing about it though, is definitely stardew and dragonquest etc. Any game that takes a long time to play is fab on the vita, play on the couch, in bed or on your lunch break. ( I might have brought it into work today)

Anyway, best purchase in a long time. laters..

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