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Alt Tags

Hellooooo fellow nerdliners. Just realised this half done thing has bad alt tags. I have read several different pieces of advice over the years re alt tags. So my question is…

If an image is just decoration (like most of mine) do I add an alt tag like “image of ps vita” or do I  just do empty quotation marks? I really don’t want someone using a screenreader to be jumped to images when they are meaningless , and if I use the empty ones do I do a space? Is WebAims website up to date? I like the empty alt thing, so I’m not wasting screen reader users time. (as if anyone even reads this blog!!)

They say…

Every image must have an alt attribute. This is a requirement of HTML standard (with perhaps a few exceptions in HTML5). Images without an alt attribute are likely inaccessible. In some cases, images may be given an empty or null alt attribute (e.g., alt="").” (Webaim 2018)

So is it:

  1. “Image of PS Vita”
  2. “”
  3. ” “

Please let me know, especially someone who might use a screen reader. I’ll put some images in below as examples. (I’ve prob done it wrong so let me know)

Also, in wordpress do you use the quotation marks?

Image of PS Vita


" "








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