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Stardew Valley

I love Stardew Valley, I think since Zelda on the 2DS it’s my all time favorite and my current obsession.

I got it on steam originally, and then on PS4, but it annoyed me that I had different progress on each. When the multiplayer was announced I was delighted, thinking that I could have steam installed on a pc and a laptop in the house, and the kids and I could play each other. I was disappointed, the family sharing on steam does not work like that. Instead you “release” your game to the family member for a period of time. Poop !

So I bought it on GOG. (I’m new to gog) I like the Gog interface a bit better than steam, as the steam interface is a bit dated… but as usual I digress. .. rant..go off the point etc. We played on a pc and a laptop, I had just bought a second hand xbox one controller and all worked ok, and was great fun (the girls were screaming with excitement and visiting each others houses) until … one of the controllers went glitchy. Then there was a big fight, and the 2 stomped off crying. Needless to say, we haven’t gone back to it yet. They are just so used to playing with each other in minecraft and there being no issues. I think the problem was that I didn’t cop the controller needed batteries, also.. did you know you can update the firmware in those things? Neither did I, but it’s done now.

Then came the Vita

Then I got the vita and playing Stardew on it is such a satisfying experience. Here are some screenshots from the Vita. My Vita is second hand with an OLED screen, so the clarity is amazeballs. (crapola – my vocab is very poor- another post on that later)

If you are going to play SV might I suggest you just play and enjoy for a while and then look at the excellent WIKI


I can’t fish, I find it really difficult, so please please comment if you have any tips for the vita. I’ve only caught about 3!!!!

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