Black Lives Matter

Just wanted to share my random discovery while browsing facebook earlier. Firstly, I am not American, secondly I live somewhere where people are mostly white, and probably the first time I saw a black person was when I was 18 years old. So I guess I’m probably not very good at being race sensitive, due to a lack of cop on. Some might say I have no right to publically voice an opinion on this, and that might be true, but I’m so angry after reading a mothers post  I had to share my opinions. She is a white mother of 3 white kids, and 2 black kids. She has seen first hand how her children are treated differently, and she is angry about it, and I am spitting rocks here as I am angry about it also. How dare people treat her black kids differently. Then I went to her facebook page, and saw she had a link to an article that I think is a very important one for white people to read, American or not. “The Real Reason White People Say ‘All Lives Matter” is an uncomfortable read, because it states what we all deep down know to be true, that we have an “implicit bias” against different races.There is a Harvard  Implicit bias test, and I’m going to take it later when I’m a bit braver. My usual response to any discussion in the pub on racism is that, no i’m not racist, none of my friends are, we don’t see colour but actually, that’s not true, and it’s a cop out. Another thing thats not true is that all lives matter. (of course all lives matter in a literal sense, but using the all lives matter phrase detracts from the black lives matter movement.) It’s a jumping on the bandwagon isn’t it? It’s rude, and horrible. It’s like saying, my problem is bigger than yours and we all matter, not just you. It would be like saying to someone “you have cancer, but make a fuss of me, because I need just as much sympathy and understanding even though i’m healthy.” But the ugly truth is that white lives always had the protection, the privilege etc, and it’s about bloody time people copped on.  So yes, Black Lives Matter. Go sing it from the rooftops.

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