Pinning a Folder to the taskbar in windows 10

Why can’t I pin a folder to my taskbar in Windows 10? It’s really odd and annoying. I want to be to access my onedrive desktop folder quickly from the taskbar without having to click on the blue cloud of confusion.(although to be fair the new version of onedrive is cleaner looking)

Dropbox, skydrive, onedrive, Google Drive- I have fecking data everywhere.

I decided to do a digital clean, especially after the Cambridge analytica scandal. I have a load of photos in Google photos, so I went to Google Takeout and it’s archiving them now, and will send me an email when they are ready. I like the fact that people are taking a step back from social media and looking at their data. It’s a lot of work to clean it all up though. I suspect I’ll be a year at it, doing a little bit at a time.

When your browser at work keeps on showing images of period pants

Yes, well this is a problem isn’t it, your at home browsing on your phone. You find an interesting ad about … period pants, then you think, nah, not for me, and go to sleep… but for the next month you are bombarded with period pants adds in youtube, in google, everywhere!!!! And your at work hiding a square of your screen with a post it till it goes away. Good job I wasn’t looking at willies!! If anyone wants to know how to unlink any embarrassing searches from ads- here you go. Think about it before you turn off cookies though. They are needed to make your browsing faster and are required for most sites. You should delete them every now and again though. The thing is though, once you have Google sorted, then you also have amazon and facebook. These are instructions to stop your search for the zit popper on Amazon from being seen by your significant other.

Google Photos

A few things annoy me about Google Photos-

  • You can’t select more than 500 items and move them to an album. (I’ve a lot of photos)
  • You can’t automatically select a date range. I would have liked to create albums by year.

So it’s going to be set back to Vanilla, (im  thinking i have the context wrong here) and i’m going to start again.

If anyone is reading this you are probably tearing your hair out by now, so i’m sorry dear reader- my mind flips from one thing to another in a stream of consciousness way. Maybe I should call this blog “Bloom”. Then again, I’m still kinda writing this blog for me as a kind of therapy. I am hoping I will eventually get better at writing for others. I wouldn’t mind but I have a degree in English. I’m just not used to writing.

Anyway, I need to figure out how to pin the tail on the donkey… i mean the folder to the taskbar. Shawn explains how to do it here.  They go to a jump list by default. What the feck is a jump list? Oh, if you right click on the folder icon the “jump list” appears. Oh, it works for word too. cool. If you don’t want it to go there you stick it on the desktop first as a shortcut, then you change the target by typing in the word “explorer” before the rest of the target. Ah lovely, that worked. It’s the little building icon. I’m guessing I could use a poop emoji if I wanted though.


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