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Current Read

I tend to switch between books a lot, and am having difficulty committing, so I have started all these in the last week:

  1. The Collapsing Empire by John Scalzi
  2. Strange Dogs by James S. A. Corey
  3. The Invisible Guardian by Dolores Redondo
  4. Case Histories by Kate Atkinson

I think I just didn’t have the brain power for the techie/political language in the first book, although it’s prob just the intro thats like that, and it has a good story so I’ll go back to it, as for the last 2, jeez, I started watching sharp objects on tv, (had to then skim read to book to frantically get to the end) so it just all got a bit depressing so I reckon sharp objects is enough for now. (also a bit worried something bad is going to happen in strange dogs)

Sharp objects is amazeballs by the way. Amy Adams is now my hero, and as for Patricia Clarkson…shudder. Saw an interview with Gillian Flynn, and was very impressed. (love husky voice… imagine her labouring over her laptop in dimly lit room with a fag in the corner of her mouth and the ash falling on keyboard.) Also, I LOVE the fact that flawed women who struggle with life can be heroes….and also that you know what it’s ok to have a shady past or enjoy random stranger kissing, you being kind to others is what really matters.

Creepy or What!!!!??

Best Read so far of the Summer

It was definitely, without a doubt….Ta Da….

Manhattan Beach by Jennifer Egan

book cover

It was such a good read. Read it on holidays in between the kids calling “Mammmmy we want to go into the big pool with you!!!!!” and “ I want an ice cream I feel like a piece of burnt toast!!” (yes really)

OMG, she’s such a good writer. Sucks you right in. Fantastic story. You were really rooting for the characters and I think this is because the author has such sympathy and understanding of human foibles.

This is a very empowering book for women. The main female character being such a strong person in the time of World War 2 when a lot of women had to take the place of men in the work force. I think my favorite thing about how Jennifer Egan writes though is how she deals with disability and severe learning disabilities. ( Apologies if I have the wrong terminology) She had such humanity as a writer that you feel uplifted as a reader. As if you have just been at a successful therapy session or something. She writes about the beauty in these people and the way they can be more Godly or beautiful than an able bodied/ minded person is. Sorry if my review is a bit saccharine, but it gets 5 stars because I’m still thinking about the book a month and a half later and because it made me happy.

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