Google Music or Deezer or Spotify?

Good morning my 2 readers!! (I’m under no illusions regarding my bloggy popularity)

I have been switching from Google music to spotify for a few years. I was one of the first in Ireland to try spotify because I won a 6 month premium membership with coca cola. (addicted to diet coke) Then my bank account was empty and my subscription lapsed. Enuf said. With Google music I can pay for my sub using my phone credit, so I am never in danger of having my account lapse, and I uploaded my entire music library from a hard drive so I have access to all my old music. (and everyone else’s hard drives that I borrowed in the early noughties – pure shite stuff all copied as a poor student because it was .. ahem free.) That turned out to be a bit of a mistake though, and I need to delete quite a bit of content and probably start again, because I have loads of content I don’t listen to in my library.)


Anyway, then da da da. drum roll please.. I found Deezer. I love Deezer, I love the desktop app and the phone app, and the best part are the lyrics. (why oh why Google do you not do lyrics) I don’t want to use a second app for lyrics, and although musicmatch is good, it’s confusing and it costs money. ( hate advertisements)

Youtube Premium

However, even though I love Deezer, I cancelled it because Youtube premium arrived in Ireland and well, my kids watch it a lot, and it gets rid of adds, gives me google music AND youtube originals programs. I’m really looking forward to watching Cobra Kai. I had a HUGE crush on Ralph Macchio back in the day, so I can’t wait. (those eyes, that voice!!)

Google play does not do what I want it to

Anyway, firmly back in Google land, I am very disappointed with a lot of their products. Content is great, but interfaces are poor. For example:

  • Why can’t I create custom folders in Google Play Books? I have a lot of books from them and it’s unwieldy.
  • The Google play music interface is not great and slows my browser down. I like desktop apps. It’s annoying having to figure out what tab is using google music and which user. I have several chrome accounts and I do a lot of work in the browser . (yes—- real work, like work work, not just gawking at  Megan Markle’s latest outfit)

Google Play Music to be Discontinued!!?

Yip, it’s all going to be moved over to youtube music. Good news really, the one app that binds them all.

Enter Sandman

So I googled google play music desktop app. I don’t know why I never did it before, and I found out that there is one on github at . This dude called Samuel Attard created one. Thanks Sam.

A quick internet search discovers for me that there are several in fact Google music players made by random people and available on github. Sam’s version installed for me and works though so I’ll try it first. There is a radiant player for Macs also by  Sajid Anwar that looks very impressive.

Google Play Music Desktop Player by Samuel Attard.

As you can see it is customizable. You know what though, I think it is a shortcoming in Google not to listen to it’s users, If they had had a proper app I would never have left them for Spotify or Deezer, then again, the sly foxes, they just left it alone and the community on github and Sam created one, and it’s very good, he even has a switch built in so you can try youtube music in beta. So it’s FutureProof…coollogo_com-25331302

Now if I could only figure out how to see other peoples playlists and copy them I would be happy. (any recommendations from you guys?) I reckon reddit?

Google Play Music Desktop App

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