UX and the Death of Web Design

I was looking at an info graphic online explaining the rules of UX and one of the rules was to do with picking familiar designs for websites so people were familiar with your site. So top navigation, hero section, and sidebars. Sound familiar? I love bootstrap, the way it’s so easy to implement, it’s like […]


Pinning a Folder to the taskbar in windows 10

Why can’t I pin a folder to my taskbar in Windows 10? It’s really odd and annoying. I want to be to access my onedrive desktop folder quickly from the taskbar without having to click on the blue cloud of confusion.(although to be fair the new version of onedrive is cleaner looking) Dropbox, skydrive, onedrive, […]


Black Lives Matter

Just wanted to share my random discovery while browsing facebook earlier. Firstly, I am not American, secondly I live somewhere where people are mostly white, and probably the first time I saw a black person was when I was 18 years old. So I guess I’m probably not very good at being race sensitive, due […]