family life

a few of my favorite things

my family-especially my 2 little girls my odd pink hat with the built in earphones that my niece and nephew bought me for Christmas my niece and nephew (in the family category already-but they deserve another mention because of the hat) my discovery of the hunger games trilogy (very well written) after my huge disappointment […]



Our likkle 6 month got her first tooth! Poor wee pet. Not much fuss from her either, she just wouldn’t sleep yesterday. Feeding her a bottle with one hand and typing this with the other. I am a multitasking Godess! ahem!


I’m back

Okay, 2 babies later, i think i might actually start to blog again! the problem is a lack of time and a nagging feeling, that yes, I am that boring! what am i interested in now.. well, i need a replacement for my onyx boox 60 ebook reader, so I am currently comparing the kindle […]