Cloud Readers

I love the fact that my kindle syncs the page I am reading from my pc’s kindle cloud reader, to my paperwhite,to my phone, however if I want to read an online article and sideload it, I need to have my paperwhite with me, because I prefer to read an article on a bigger screen. […]


eBook reader

Ok, I have read all the reviews etc. my onyx boox is dying and is very bulky, so I’m going to splash out and get a new ebook reader. I use the kobo and the kindle apps on my android samsung galaxy phone, and I use the kindle app. I buy books from amazon and […]


I’m back

Okay, 2 babies later, i think i might actually start to blog again! the problem is a lack of time and a nagging feeling, that yes, I am that boring! what am i interested in now.. well, i need a replacement for my onyx boox 60 ebook reader, so I am currently comparing the kindle […]